Field trip

This Friday we will go and get some Group 4 field experience in Aegviidu, Kõrvemaa protection area. You will be divided into small groups and you can work on a task that your group finds the most interesting. There is opportunity to carry out different water studies (no PH this time), investigate soils, plant cover, lichens and mosses etc.

Meeting-point: Baltic train station 8:40
Time: Friday 12th September 8:40-14:10
Bring with you: lunch snack, water, pen and paper, ruler

Dress according to weather, it should be sunny, but Estonian weather can be surprising so be prepared. As the area is quite moist then would recommend you to wear your wellingtons. Also please bring a lunch snack and water with you, we will be spending all the time at the forest and no option to go shopping or cafe.

Audentes IB

Back to School

 Hello Students

Summer holiday is about to finish and teachers are looking forward to see all of you back at School :)

We will start again on Monday 1st of September with a formal assembly at 9:00. After that there will be 2 days of Orientation, where you can get back on track with the School stuff.

Orientation Days 1-2 September will be held from 9:00-15:00 and you would need only your journal/diary during those days. No need to bring any calculators or other school stuff then. During those days we will speak about the academic calender, extended essay, personal project, CAS, academic honesty and of course get to know each other.

Have a great end of the summer holidays,

Audentes IB